APA TMS ’18: Designing Future Disaster Response Team Wearables from a Grounding in Practice

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Date(s) - 2018-04-07
10:30 am MDT - 11:45 am MDT

Marriott Marquis


Wearable computers are poised to impact disaster response, so there is a need to determine the best interfaces to support situation awareness, decision support, and communication. We present a disaster response wearable design created for a mixed reality live-action role playing design competition, the Icehouse Challenge. The challenge, an independent event in which the authors were competitors, offers a simulation game environment in which teams compete to test wearable designs. In this game, players move through a simulated disaster space that requires team coordination and physical exertion to mitigate virtual hazards and stabilize virtual victims. Our design was grounded in disaster response and team coordination practice. We present our design process to develop wearable computer interfaces that integrate physiological and virtual environmental sensor data and display actionable information through a head-mounted display. We reflect on our observations from the live game, discuss challenges, opportunities, and design implications for future disaster response wearables to support collaboration.