PIxL @ CHI PLAY 2015

The PIxL Lab presented five works-in-progress posters at CHI PLAY 2015 in London:

Collaborative Planning Gameplay from Disaster Response Practice

Imperfect Robot Control in a Mixed Reality Game to Teach Hybrid Human-Robot Team Coordination

Understanding Player Attitudes Towards Digital Game Objects

Validating Test Chambers to Study Cooperative Communication Mechanics in Portal 2

Designing to Split Attention in a Mixed Reality Game


The PIxL Lab works at the intersection of games, human-computer interaction, and mixed reality, developing game experiences that educate and function as scientific experiments in HCI. Beyond development workstations, it includes a custom wearable computing platform that connects sensors, a head-mounted display, and a hand-held display to enable players to enjoy mixed reality experiences away from the desktop.


PI Toups is attending the first annual CHI PLAY Symposium in Toronto in October 2014. He will be presenting two pieces of work: a full paper on the design of communicative game mechanics and a work-in-progress on the design of signifiers in games.