Understanding Dangerous Play / PI Toups @ CHI PLAY

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Date(s) - 2017-10-18
3:30 am MDT - 4:30 am MDT

Pakhuis de Zwijger


Understanding Dangerous Play: A Grounded Theory Analysis of High-Performance Drone Racing Crashes will be presented by PI Toups in the Beyond the Typical Player Experience session at CHI PLAY 2017.


In drone racing, pilots compete on 3D race courses with quadcopter drones. A first-person view camera feed displayed through an immersive head-mounted display, gives them the sense of directly piloting the remote vehicle. The Drone Racing League (DRL) operates standardized competitions from which it produces professional video. In the present research, we analyze DRL videos to examine the reasons that high-performance drone pilots crash. The video corpus, combined with the standardization of the event, enables us to study pilot performance without interfering factors (e.g., customized drones or interfaces). We present a deep understanding of the sport of drone racing, a framework for understanding crashes, and insights into the reasons that pilots crash, exploring how the HCI community can benefit drone racing through future user interface augmentations.